Cray Cray things to an end!

So, by the title and the lack of posting more instagrams than actual writings, I’ve of course been super busy. But, I wanted another “check-in” I finally moved into my new two bedroom apartment with Rachel! :) SO excited to FINALLY be somewhere else and starting fresh. I also passed my summer course and I’m on my way to completing my strategic communications major (advertising). I feel like all the stress over this summer has finally washed away and now I can really focus on myself and my future. I hated how the apartment only gave us two days until classes to unpack but I’m figuring it out. The place is looking great! I’m going for a more grown-up look since I’m not a little girl anymore. But, I can still wish to be a mermaid and watch Disney. Lol, anyways, hoping to get more posts up obviously pictures, lol but writings as well. It’s for me but you guys too, I mean there’s nothing wrong with creeping around ;)